Friday, March 29, 2013

PowerShell - List Data Migration

I had to migrate data from ListA to ListB with the condition that values in Created By, Create Date, Updated By and Update Date columns must not be changed in ListB.

So I wrote this little PowerShell script to do the job.



$SiteWeb = $Site.openWeb()
$SourceList = $SiteWeb.Lists["ListA"]
$DestinationList = $SiteWeb.Lists["ListB"]

$ItemsColl = $SourceList.items

write-host "Total items found: " $SourceList.items.count

foreach ($Item in $ItemsColl) 

    write-host "Copying Item: " $Item["Title"]

    $NewItem = $DestinationList.items.Add()
    $NewItem["Title"] = $Item["Title"]
    $NewItem["Author"] = $Item["Author"]
    $NewItem["Editor"] = $Item["Editor"]
    $NewItem["Modified"] = $Item["Modified"]
    $NewItem["Created"] = $Item["Created"]



write-host "All items have been copied successfully."

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