Monday, October 4, 2010

MOSS Development/Customization Training

In April 2010, my manager Pradeep Thekkethodi asked me to conduct a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Development training to upgrade the skills of our colleagues with .NET experience. The idea was to quickly bring the developers up to the speed for SharePoint Development and Advance Customization with SharePoint Designer 2007 and Visual Studio 2008. This training was held in our company Orion Systems Integrators Inc. This training was attended by 12 professionals.

I joined hands with my colleague Pramod who is a SharePoint Architect and we came up with a following course outline:

Module 1: SharePoint Object Model – 2 Hrs - Pramod
• SharePoint Object Model – Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Sites and Site elements
• Navigation, Access control and security, Site directory, Site columns, Content types
• Lists and Views, Search, Extra-net Usage

Module 2: Site Tools – 2 Hours – Tahir
• Create custom lists
• Create custom default views for lists
• Create custom web pages and web part zones
• Insert and configure web parts
• Connect web parts to filter data

Module 3: Master Pages – 2 Hours – Tahir
• Understand the structure of master pages.
• Modifying Master Pages
• Creating a Custom Master Page
• Creating a Custom Cascading Style Sheet
• Creating a Web Page from a Master Page
• Understand the purpose and use of Cascading Style Sheets.
• Attach and customize master pages.
• Create content pages from master pages.

Module 4: Forms and Data – 4 Hours – Tahir
• Creating a Formatted View
• Creating a Merged Data Source
• Creating a Custom Data View Page
• Applying Conditional Formatting
• Create and customize Data Views.
• Use conditional formatting to identify data changes.
• Create custom data sources
• Create linked and merged data sources

Module 5: Automating Business Processes - 4 Hours – Tahir
• Implementing Workflows Using Workflow Designer
• Create a SharePoint Designer Workflow
• Using Conditions and Actions
• Verifying and Deploying a Workflow
• Describe Workflows in SharePoint and SharePoint Designer
• Create a workflow through Workflow Designer
• Add conditions and actions to a workflow.

Module 6 and 7: Web Part Development – 4 Hours – Tahir
(Prereq: ASP.NET, C# & SharePoint)
• Creating, deploying and debugging ASP.NET Web Parts in WSS
• Writing CAML to retrieve and store data.
• Deploying WebPart

Module 8: Event Handlers – 4 hrs – Tahir
• List Event Handlers
• Deployment

Model 9: Logical Architecture, Performance Optimization and Tuning – 2 Hours – Pramod
• Client Side Performance issue
• Server side performance issues

Model 10: Best Practices, Information Architecture, Governance Planning - Pramod
• Best Practices for SharePoint implementation and Designing