Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - List Relationship

Today, I got the access to the SharePoint 2010 Beta and guess what I saw? The most beautiful thing that could happen to the SharePoint lists...Relationships. Just like Database relations. :o)

Lets take a look at the following screen shot: While creating a lookup column in a list, I noticed following enhancements:

  1. I can choose ID Column from the parent list.Very very important for building reports/views.
  2. If I choose other column (Title etc), I still can include ID as an additional field.
  3. Restrict & Cascade delete option. :o) If I choose restrict and want to delete parent item, having child will not allow me to do so. If I choose cassade and want to delete parent will delete all the child items along with the parent.

SharePoint 2010 Lists rock!

SPFx Docker image on Windows 10 VM

Please follow this GitHub link: