Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - List Relationship

Today, I got the access to the SharePoint 2010 Beta and guess what I saw? The most beautiful thing that could happen to the SharePoint lists...Relationships. Just like Database relations. :o)

Lets take a look at the following screen shot: While creating a lookup column in a list, I noticed following enhancements:

  1. I can choose ID Column from the parent list.Very very important for building reports/views.
  2. If I choose other column (Title etc), I still can include ID as an additional field.
  3. Restrict & Cascade delete option. :o) If I choose restrict and want to delete parent item, having child will not allow me to do so. If I choose cassade and want to delete parent will delete all the child items along with the parent.

SharePoint 2010 Lists rock!

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