Thursday, August 9, 2012

SharePoint 2013 - Facebook style Discussion with Like Button

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The famous Facebook Like is one of the features that everybody want these days so that they can like/unlike everything they can read and see over the internet. I was exploring SharePoint 2013 Technical Preview's new features and how to use them in real world scenarios when I came across the amazing new Discussion Board list and its configuration settings so that users can like/unlike a discussion, comment and a reply. 

First I am going to show the new features (displayed in the image below) and then I will show you how to configure the like/unlike button (in the video below). 

New Discussion Board list has following cool features:
  1. Display Picture - Now users can see the person who has started the discussion and who is replying. 
  2. Rich text - Users can reply with rich text to highlight the important parts of the conversation in their comments. 
  3. Reply to Reply - Users can now reply to an existing reply just like the discussion topic. 
  4. Multimedia Reply - Users can attach picture, video or a simple link with in their reply to provide a reference etc. 
  5. Like a reply - Users can rate a post by liking it.
  6. Best Reply - A reply can be marked as Best reply in order to avoid other users to dig for an answer in the thread.
Following video shows how to configure the Discussion Board list for Facebook style Like Button on posts:

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