Thursday, May 21, 2009

Date Comparison in XSL

Since XSL in SharePoint Designer does not have a very good support for date comparisons. I Googled for at least more than half of the day for a decent date comparison and came across this post as a solution by ma man Kotendra. However, this post assumes that date is provided in ISO format (YYYMMDD). This was not my case…so I Googled bit more and bit more and little bit more :o) and here is the solution.

Below is the formula (XSLT Filtering) to compare dates in SharePoint Designer using XSL:


Above formula will convert date 5/31/2009 into 20093105 and treat it as a number to compare with another number converted from date.



  1. Shouldn't it be converted to 20090531 to get a good comparason? Year Month Day.

    200905311330 for 13:30 or 1:30 PM for time to be included

  2. Its actually the same approach.


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