Thursday, May 7, 2009

SharePoint: Accessing XSL variables in JavaScript

As we all know for a successful SharePoint project we need SharePoint knowledge, development skills, ability to google and prayers…lots of them.

During my current project I was developing a report which will generate a letter and the body of that letter will be generated by the data stored in Rich Text field in a SharePoint list. Now, in my case that body was a predefined template of the letter and I need to replace few keywords in the letter body using JavaScript. To achieve all this I need to access the Body variable (carrying the letter template) into the javaScript function to play with it.

Following are the steps to access I took to access XSL variable into my JavaScript function:

1. Open the website in SharePoint Designer.
2. Create an empty page Report.aspx.
3. Insert DataForm Webpart by selecting Insert-> SharePoint Controls -> DataView.
4. Hide all the columns and your WebPart should look like the following:

5. Also, you should be able to see the variable @Body in the source code window under <datafields> tag. Both are highlighted in the above image.
6. Now add a hidden field in the page under XSL tag and assign its value to @Body variable. Since, @Body variable is accessible in SharePoint generated XSL only. I added hidden field under one of the <xsl:template> tags.

7. Now you have got the value of @Body into the hidden field and you can access the field’s value easily with the following line of javascript, I called this line at the end of the HTML <body> tag:

var strBody = document.getElementById('txtBody').value;

8. Thats it.

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